How to clean my backpack

How do I clean my backpack?

Has your favorite Backpack been stained or has it picked up dust from frequent use? Do not worry, it is quite easy to wash it by hand as long as you are a little careful!

Follow the steps below and we are sure it will be as before:

  • Empty your backpack. You certainly do not want your personal belongings to get wet. Turn the inside out and use a broom to clean the inside and corners of the bag. Once you have emptied it and cleaned it internally, leave all the pockets open.
  • Prepare your bag for washing. Manually remove any remaining debris. Then use a damp cloth to gently wipe the outside of your bag. If the backpack has any additional removable accessories, remove it carefully and clean it separately.
  • See the label on the inside of the backpack. If there are restrictions on cleaning, follow them to ensure that your bag stays in good condition. If it does not have a label for care and washing, try a small area of ​​the material to see how it reacts to the cleaners you want to use. Stick to stains but avoid bleach, alcohol and antiseptic liquids.
  • Fill a bathtub or sink with lukewarm water. Avoid hot water because it can damage the colors. Immerse the backpack and wash all its pockets and parts. Use a mild detergent free of dyes, fragrances and active chemicals that could damage the material of your backpack.
  • Rub the backpack with a soft cloth.
  • Carefully rinse soap residue with lukewarm water. You can try drying the bag with a soft body towel.
  • Dry the backpack. Allow the bag to dry naturally and not in a dryer. If possible, hang it upside down with the pockets open.

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