Travel Light. 5 Tips for Packing Light.

Finally, after so much confinement, it’s time to organize your own summer getaway. You chose the destination and booked the tickets.
So it’s time to pack your bags!

But how do you organize your luggage effectively?

Do you want to have with you everything you really need but at the same time to travel light, relaxed and without much weight? Have you booked airline tickets and only have to travel with hand luggage and do not know how to fit your things? Or not to exceed the weight limit?

Here are some ideas to help you do just that:

1). Choose a light luggage.
Ideal for us is the backpack of Cabin Zero weighing only 800 grams and wonderful design



Gabol Week hand luggage with similar features.

If the ease of your wheels is necessary, we recommend a very light hand luggage such as the Base Boost of Samsonite, weighing just 2 kg or the Giro of Gabol.

2). Calculate the weight of your luggage with a digital scale before you find yourself in a difficult position at the airport.

3). Make a list of what you really need and follow it as faithfully as possible.

4). Wear your bulky shoes (eg sneakers) on the trip so that they do not take up space and put in your suitcase only couples that do not take up much space. For example ballerinas, sandals, flip flops. If you have to put bulky shoes in the suitcase, use their inside to store small items such as socks.

5). Place personal care products (shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, creams) in small travel packages instead of carrying bulky packages. Or buy some of them upon arrival at your destination instead of carrying them.

Finally, on line you may find very useful videos to help you fold and place your clothes and things in the suitcase in the most ergonomic way to save as much space as possible.

Happy Holidays!

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