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Top 5 Bags that you should definitely have in your closet

Handbags are the ultimate feminine accessory and that is why they are never enough. There are, however, some pieces that must be included in every wardrobe. From the classic black leather to the casual backpack, let’s discover all the essential bags that will definitely upgrade your style!

1. All Time Classic Leather Shoulder Bag

A timeless leather bag in a neutral tone matches every outfit! It is one of the most basic pieces in a woman’s wardrobe and you will probably use it very often in your daily life. That’s why you should invest in a bag that is durable, high quality and will make you happy to wear it.

2. Unique Backpack

Make sure that you include in your collection an impressive and at the same time elegant backpack with colored details. Choose a medium size, which is practical, suitable for different occasions and will surely capture the eyes of anyone who sees it.

3. Sports Bag

Whether you are a fitness lover or a travel enthusiast, a sports backpack is the ideal solution for you. It is incredibly useful and practical and will definitely help you carry all the things you need with you.

4. Elegant Professional Briefcase

  • Bartuggi Briefcase Black

    0 out of 5

A professional briefcase can hold everything you need for a day at the office and it is also durable enough to withstand the daily commute to and from home. It perfectly complements your everyday outfit, while giving a glimpse of style and professionalism.

5. Backpack with Impressive Colors

  • Burban Rolltop Backpack Mustard

    0 out of 5
  • Burban Mini Rolltop Backpack Brown

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  • Burban Mini Rolltop Backpack Petrol

    0 out of 5
  • Burban Rolltop Backpack Black

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A bag with impressive colors adds personality to any outfit. You can pair it with jeans and your favorite sneakers or even with a casual dress. Choose the color that suits you the most and create unique outfits!

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